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Automation first for the Inca Onset S20 at FESPA Munich

Fujifilm will demonstrate the productivity benefits of Inca’s automation on the high-performance, wide-format Inca Onset S20 UV printer for the first time publicly at FESPA Munich this week (22-26th June 2010 on the Fujifilm booth B1/220).

The Inca Onset S20 is designed for high volume, cost-effective printing on a wide variety of materials up to 3.14m x 1.6m and 50mm thick at speeds of up to 275 sq m/hr. As print times on this Onset can be as little as 48 seconds, minimum handling time and maximum productivity is ensured by adding automation.

Inca’s versatile automation system gives users the ability to operate in manual, semi- or three-quarter automation from the same configuration. By adding automation to the Inca Onset S20 companies can boost productivity by up to 36% when compared with manual handling. A variety of sheet sizes can be pre-positioned during the printing process, ready for the handling system to remove printed sheets swiftly and load the next. In addition, the automation system can handle up to three sheets at a time, and has the precision to accommodate double sided print accurately.

“Production automation is important to our customers to ensure maximum productivity and cost-efficiency with minimal downtime in order to deliver the very best return on investment,” says Linda Bell, CEO, Inca Digital.

Production can be further streamlined with Inca’s Print Run Controller (PRC) software which manages the production of an individual print job incorporating a run of different elements or images, sizes or languages. It can also manage jobs where large numbers of images need to be output in varying quantities with variable elements to a large number of end users.

At FESPA the Inca Onset S20 will be printing with six-colour (CMYKLcLm) Fujifilm Uvijet Enhance ink set producing quality and variable finish effects (matt, satin, high gloss) for a range of applications including display POS, exhibition graphics, backlit/frontlit displays and outdoor signage.

Inca offers a range of digital UV inkjet flatbed printers in a choice of formats, speeds and colours. Go to www.incadigital.com to see full details.

About Inca Digital Printers
Inca Digital Printers, part of the Dainippon Screen Group, is one of the world’s leading pioneers and manufacturers of flat-bed inkjet printing technology. The Eagle and Columbia printers set the early standards in flatbed printing inkjet technology. Today the groundbreaking Onset Series and Spyder ranges ensure that Inca’s products remain at the forefront of productivity, quality and reliability. Fujifilm Sericol manufactures and develops the UV inks used in Inca machines and sells the flatbed printers around the world. Our facility in Cambridge, UK, incorporates R&D, customer support, machine assembly and commissioning, a dedicated training facility and clean rooms for printhead assembly and refurbishment. Around a third of staff are involved in R&D and significant investment here helps us maintain our position at the forefront of machine productivity, innovation, quality and reliability. www.incadigital.com