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The Top Method To Take Good Care Of Your Cake Decorating Print Head

The Top Method To Take Good Care Of Your Cake Decorating Print Head

It is nearly inevitable that someday your Cake Decorating print head will turn out to be blocked and you will encounter printing difficulties. For those who have long times in between print jobs your printhead could get blocked; use a Steam-Jet handheld Cleaner to deep clean your printhead and get you back to work quickly. Suggested only for Printers with detachable Printheads, for example Canon.

1. Be certain that all cartridges contain ink inside them.

2. Execute a Deep Clean procedure from your printer properties (click Start, Printers & Faxes, right click on your printer and click on Properties. Indicate the maintenance tab and click on on deep clean. Choose every colors).

3. At this time perform a Nozzle Check from the same maintenance tab.

4. From the print out, decide which ink is not coming through. The print ought to illustrate a surface of black (a checkbox of black line), 2 stripes of cyan, 2 of Magenta and 1 of Yellow. Whichever is not showing a solid line identifies the inkjet that is blocked. If all colors are showing strong solid lines then the obstruction is fixed. If not, carry out one more deep clean plus another nozzle check. If still no progress; move on to your next tip.

5. Remove the inks and tap them decisively on a piece of white paper towel . You are looking to see if ink is available from the cartridges or not. If not, then the tanks might be at fault; but when ink is showing over the paper next we need to turn the concentration towards the print head.

6. Steam Jet Clean the print head . This is available from Kopy Kake Eliminate your inks and print head. With a the Steam Jet Cleaner (if possible over a garbage can to catch the mess!) place the Steam Jet Cleaner nozzle over the inkjet heads (the circles that the cartridge sponges sit over) and draw the trigger for 1-2 moments. Steam will jet from your inkjet clearing out persistent clogs. Of course, tinted steam / hot water will fly out the underneath in the print head so ensure never to get in its way. Repeat this method for all inkjets within the print head. Set your tanks back into the print head.

7. Kleaning Kartridges. You could also try removing your inks and replace them with Kleaning Kartridges. Carry out a deep clean procedure. Next position the edible inks back in the print head and carry out an everyday cleansing procedure.

8. Carry out a Nozzle Check. Exactly what does the pattern look like now? If it’s not showing strong rock-solid lines of color in that case we need to attempt something in addition. Take out the ink, and remove your print head. Sit the print head in the shallow bowl (1/2″) of airbrush washing fluid, tepid distilled, or deionized water.. Rest the tip of a syringe (such as that found in a Syringe Cleaning Kit) over the inkjet heads (the circles that the cartridge sponges meet over) and draw the plunger to suck the cleansing fluid up through the print head. This may clear a clog. After you’ve done this, replace the inks and try a Nozzle Check. How is it now?

9. If your Nozzle Check remains not showing solid lines of color next you should repeat one, or all of the above methods till it does.

If when you tapped the cartridges about the white paper towel color didn’t come out of them, you need to eliminate the airlock which is prone to be causing the problem. Sometimes rotating the inks upside down will do it (try it next put them within the printer and complete a Nozzle Test to determine).

Sometimes you’ll need to pierce a small opening in the middle of the cartridge top (on the sponge side from the tank) using a pin or tack. I trust that this article has helped you to understand the different ways to clean your ink cartridges. For more details about Cake Decorating Supplies please pay a visit to our Oasis Cake and Candy Supply internet page. Thank You.