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Durst Rho 160 and Rho 205 Profiles

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Headquarters - Brixen, Italy
Durst Rho 160
Nova PH 256/80 AAA
Durst Rho 160 and Rho 205
Large-format printing onto flexible and ridged materials
Spectra® Nova PH 256/80 AAA
UV curable
High-jetting frequencies, excellent image quality
Durst Phototechnik AG founded in 1929, it is a worldwide leader in the
manufacture of digital imaging systems for graphics, pre-press and
photographic applications. Since its founding over 70 years ago, it has
won acclaim by offering innovative, reliable, advanced solutions to its
loyal and new customers around the world.
Durst products are shipped to over 100 countries from its central
facilities in Brixen, Italy and Lienz Austria.
Among its many products include the Durst Rho 160 UV and Rho 205
UV, digital flatbed ink jet printers with well over a hundred systems
Recently, Durst introduced its newest digital printing innovations, the
Rho 160 Plus, Rho 160 W and Rho 205. The Plus unit offers increased
productivity while W indicates white ink capability. The 205 is entry
level machine offering improved price/performance ratio. Important to
note, is the company’s design philosophy that allows current system
owners to take full advantage of new features and enhancements.
Through software and hardware upgrades, units can be upgraded to the
latest capability thus preserving the integrity of the owner’s original
The Rho 160 W Plus is drawing acclaim as the world’s first production ink
jet printer/press to offer white ink capability at production speeds up to
850 square feet per hour. This important new feature opens many new
options and applications for commercial photo labs, silkscreen printers,
sign shops and commercial packaging printers.
While 4-8 color printers are commonplace, the use of white ink on digital
large format printing systems was unavailable until now. The systems white
color mode is versatile as well. User can select white as a background color,
as a spot color, as a filler color or beneath a spot color to enhance its
vibrancy. All very important considerations in flexible packaging printing,
printing onto dark substrates, and printing onto transparent films, to name a
The relationship between Durst and Dimatix began in early 2000 with the
initial design and development of the first Rho printer and continues to be as
strong as ever.
“Our awarding winning Rho 160 is a remarkable high
performance printer, sold to a demanding clientele. Early on, and
after extensive evaluation and testing, we chose Spectra Nova
printheads for their reliability, ability to jet at high frequencies
and sustain throughput. It’s a decision we’re glad we made.”
Dr. Richard Piock
Managing Director, Durst Phototechnik AG