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Gandinnovations Profile

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Jets Per System:
Printhead Features:
Headquarters - Toronto, Canada
JETi UV Flatbed
JETi-3300, JETi-5000 & JETi UV Flatbed
Production of Indoor and Outdoor Display Graphics
Spectra® S-Class
Solvent & UV curable
Up to 3072
High Sustained Throughput, Non-stop Operation
GANDINNOVATIONS is a relative newcomer to the large format
digital display printing market. However, its roots run deep as a
pioneer in the design, development and manufacturing of precision
large format digital printing systems. Long-time industry veteran,
James Gandy, has built his new company with a focus on
converting traditional printing applications like silkscreen and sign
making over to digital fabrication methods. GANDINNOVATIONS
picks up where his earlier firms Signtech and Salsa left off.
The company’s current product line includes the JETi 3300, a
3.3-meter wide roll-to-roll printer using 12 Spectra printheads and
the JETi 5000, a 5-meter super wide roll-to-roll printer with 18
Spectra printheads. These are both solvent ink based units. The
newest addition to the product line is the JETi UV Flatbed, a 1.5 by
3-meter high-speed flat bed printer that uses 24 Spectra printheads.
The JETi UV Flatbed is the first printer from GANDINNOVATIONS
to support UV inks and rigid media. Increasingly, printers and
fabricators are looking to differentiate their capabilities by offering a
broader range of output capabilities such as imaging onto metal, wood
and glass in addition to the more traditional materials such as vinyl,
canvas and other flexible synthetic materials.
GANDINNOVATIONS is headquartered in the Toronto area in a state
of the art 65,000 square foot facility. In addition to accommodating
design, development and manufacturing, this site also has a modern well
lit demonstration area, where customers come to evaluate the printers
using their own work.
Spectra printheads are used exclusively for GANDINNOVATIONS entire
JETi line. The choice of printheads was driven by the need to support
multiple ink types, to jet at high-sustained frequencies and the need for a
printhead with proven reliability.
“I’ve been designing and building high performance printers for
quite some time now. I’ve had considerable experience evaluating
and implementing other head types and supporting these heads
in the field. Using Spectra printheads is a decision I have never
regretted in all aspects.”
James Gandy
Founder & President, GANDINNOVATIONS