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JS310 - 18ES (72”) Ink Jet Printer  
The SignJet Pro JS310 - 18ES 72" Solvent Ink Jet printer is ideal for indoor and outdoor hanging banners, lightpole banners, small billboards, and other large format print applications where you need economical, durable print graphics.
Additional Features
USB 2.0 High Speed Interface
Compatible with popular RIP Applications from SAI, ONYX and CADLink.
Accepts roll or sheet fed media from 8-1/2 inches to 72 inches.
High Productivity Output - up to 296 square feet/hour
Eco-Friendly Low Solvent Ink - Outdoor durability up to 3 years
•  Easy Access, high capacity external ink and cleaning solution tanks.
•  Multiple Printing modes to match the printing application: Choose 200 or 400 dpi; single and multi-pass, uni or bi-directional up to 8 passes