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Head Technology

Shear Mode Piezo Inkjet Print Head

Konica Minolta inkjet heads are able to handle a wide range of inks to meet the requirements of various industrial applications. The principle of shear mode piezo actuation with shared wall structure allows lower power consumption as well as a high-density nozzle array.

On-demand dot size modulation, sometimes referred to as grey-scale mode, enables the printing of high quality images and functions to increase productivity. All the development work is based on advanced computer simulation techniques that can precisely predict the droplet formation process resulting from differential ink characteristics.

The principle of ink ejection

Micro scale channels made from piezo electric material are made to contract by the application of an electric charge. As the channels contract, ink contained in the channel is forced out through the nozzle as a droplet. As the channel returns its original state, capillary action causes ink to flow into the channel making it ready to produce the next drop.

Orage indicates pressurized state. Blue indicates depressurized state.

Ink Technology

Textile Printer Ink

The textile printer inks developed for Nassenger Series are designed to meet the highest standards worldwide relating to environmental safety and human health.

Dispersed dye inks suitable for polyester and acetate are available, as are reactive inks for a wide range of substrates including cotton, silk and wool.

  Dispersed Dye Reactive
Cotton NA Excellent
Rayon NA Excellent
Hemp NA Good
Silk NA Good
Wool NA Good
Nylon NA Good
Polyester Excellent NA
Acetate Excellent NA