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IMPIKA Product: Application: Printhead: Ink Type: Jets Per System: Printhead Features: customer profile www.dimatix.com Impika Printing System (IPS) Nova, Galaxy and S-Class Headquarters - Marseilles, France Impika Printing System (IPS) Printing, Decoration, Microelectronics, and Biomedical Spectra® Nova, Galaxy and S-Class UV Curable, Conductive, Adhesives & Specialty Coatings Up to 3072 Reliability and Performance with Differing Fluid Characteristics Impika of Marseilles, France, has won critical acclaim for innovation and business leadership from the French Ministry of Industry and Innovation for its broad vision and industry leading products. Impika’s products cover a wide range of applications in the printing and decorative, electronics fabrication and biomedical industries. Their new-generation flexible print engine, the Impika Printing System (IPS), serves the printing and decorative market. IPS is a modular print engine developed as either an add-on to a traditional analog press or integrated into a new generation of equipment for monochrome or color applications. The IPS’s modular design makes it readily configurable to meet specific requirements for resolution, ink type, printwidth and throughput. Printwidths can range from 6 cm (2.4 in.) to 36 cm (14 in.) with resolutions from 90 to 600 dots per inch and up to 9 colors are possible, including white inks. The IPS is used to decorate CD, DVD, smart cards, packaging, labeling, and bar-coded products. Impika is currently developing systems and solutions for microelectronic industry. The “MATJET” (material jetting) technology from Impika, combining DOD ink jet and special fluids will offer unrivaled solution for very low manufacturing cost of RFID, flat panel displays, chip connection, etc. Their long-term development plans include products for medical applications such as in-situ test and DNA arrays. All systems are based on ink jet technology. In addition to product development, Impika offers its considerable expertise on a consultancy basis. Over the last 16 years Impika investigated many imaging technologies but ink jet was determined to be the key technology. Spectra printheads were chosen for their reliability, their ability to support multiple fluid types including conductive, adhesive, protective coatings and densely pigmented inks and their ability to maintain a high throughput. “Our business demands printheads with high performance and reliability, jetting vastly differing fluid characteristics and types. When we were evaluating printheads, we determined Spectra printheads to best suit our exacting requirements. It’s a decision we have never regretted.” Paul Morgavi Chairman and CEO – Impika