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The FastJet has been designed to meet the changing needs of the corrugated industry. Designed in collaboration with Sun Chemical, the printer is the first of its type and delivers quality single pass inkjet printing, targeting short run flexographic print work.

Max Print Width: 1040mm (41")
Max Sheet Size: 120 x 170cm (47 x 63")
Substrate Thickness: 1.5-9mm (0.06-0.35")
Colours: CMYK + varnish
Ink: Mitras from SunJet
Throughput: Up to 6,000sq.m/hr (64,500sq.ft/hr)
Production print speed: 30-100m/min (90-300 ft/min)
No of nozzles: 61,440
Time to print 1 sqm: 1 second

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The FastJet printer has a throughput of up to 6,000 sq.m/hr, printing on to corrugated sheets up to 1.7 metres in length.

This technology will allow end users / converters to operate short run 4-colour cases and increase their flexibility of response to their customers and end market needs. The real niche for FastJet appears to be in run lengths up to 2,500 sheets.

This is the first of a new series of printers for Inca. Inkjet technology is currently a balance of quality against speed. This application has been carefully chosen as the market is seeking throughput rather than truly high resolution print. This will not be true for other sectors, where print demands are higher than flexographic standards.

Market studies indicate that this will allow converters to effectively attack a portion of the market that is currently a problem, ie. the short run work that their customers would dearly love to have.

FastJet technology will also be viable for other market areas over time. If you have an application that you feel would be suitable for this development, we would be interested in talking to you and understanding your particular requirements.