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Spyder 320

The Spyder 320 printers are Inca's best selling printers to date, unrivalled in their popularity. Developed as a modular system, the Spyder 320 offers the flexibility to grow and adapt to your changing print business.

The 320's small 28 picolitre drop size, combined with Inca's own print module technology, delivers the precise ink drop placement which produces the excellent print quality for which Inca is renowned. Linear drives and air bearings provide exceptionally smooth, controlled and accurate motion of the print carriage which delivers the fine text and clean lines synonymous with the Inca Spyder.

Products in the Spyder range include the original Spyder 320 with its 4-colour CMYK set, Spyder 320+ with either white or light magenta and light cyan in addition to the CMYK set and Spyder 320-e which offers a lower specification model for a competitive price to those starting flatbed work for the first time.

The Spyder 320-8 Series offers you the capability to specify which combination of colours are most suited to your business alongside the CMYK 4 process colour inks. Initial options include light cyan, light magenta, two layers of white (overprint, underprint, or spot color layers). Additional variants are available.

The newest addition to the range is the Spyder 320 Q which was launched at FESPA 2007 and is designed for high quality applications. It features a new printhead - exclusive to Inca, that prints using a 10 picolitre drop at speeds up to 37 sq.m/hr. The result is a printer that produces fine quality, photorealistic prints at higher speeds with sharp lines and readable text as small as 4pt.

Products in the series:
Spyder 320 Q
Spyder 320-8 Series
Spyder 320+ six colour
Spyder 320+ white
Spyder 320
Spyder 320-e

Distributed by Fujifilm Sericol.


Print area: 3.2 x 1.6m / 126 x 63"
Print finish: Satin
Ink: Fujifilm Sericol Uvijet Inks
Space required: 6 x 7m / 20 x 23ft
Substrate thickness: 30mm
Weight: 2500kgs / 5500lbs
Factory air req: Compressed air at 6 bar
Power: 220-240v single phase
RIP: Wasatch or ColorGATE
Speeds: Spyder 320 Q, Spyder 320-8 Series, Spyder 320+, Spyder 320, Spyder 320-e

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Spyder 320