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NEW! Spyder V

With an innovative printhead array the new Spyder V printer challenges production print speeds by offering high quality with high speed. The new Spyder is designed to offer more throughput utilising the highly popular Spyder platform but featuring the new Inca designed printhead array.

The new Spyder V sits comfortably between the Spyder 320 and Turbo Plus printer in terms of throughput. V also offers the usual benefits of white and Ultratone inks up to 6 colours. However those customers seeking the benefits of 8-colour printing will still be best suited to the Spyder 320 - 8 Series.

Spyder V datasheet

High speed Spyder printing

Spyder V from Inca Digital


Print area: 3.2 x 1.6m / 126 x 63"
Print finish: Satin
Ink: Fujifilm Sericol Uvijet Inks
Substrate thickness: 30mm
Weight: 2500kgs / 5500lbs
Factory air req: Compressed air at 6 bar
Power: 220-240v single phase
RIP: Wasatch or ColorGATE
Speeds: Spyder V, Spyder 320 Q, Spyder 320-8 Series, Spyder 320+, Spyder 320, Spyder 320-e


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