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Ink Firms Highlight Creative Power of Xaar-Enabled Inkjet Decoration


The ceramic tile industry's top ink and glaze companies showed the considerable advantages of digital inkjet tile decoration using the Xaar 1001 inkjet printhead at Cevisama (Valencia, February 8-10).

Colorobbia, Esmalglass-Itaca, Ferro and Chimigraf-Fritta all work closely with Xaar to ensure that their digital decoration inks and glazes produce the best results on Xaar-enabled digital inkjet printers. The unique design of the innovative Xaar 1001 printhead ensures reliable and consistent high-quality tile decoration and, as a result, is the printhead chosen by the industry's leading digital inkjet printer manufacturers: Cretaprint, KERAjet, Projecta Engineering (SiTi B&T), IN.TE.SA and TecnoFerrari.

At Cevisama the ink companies displayed a variety of creative tile designs to demonstrate how the digital inkjet process opens up many new opportunities for tile producers. Digital inkjet enables unlimited freedom of creativity with the ability to produce life-like patterns. There is no limit on pattern repeats, plus tiles and borders can be printed with matching patterns and color. Because inkjet printing allows users to print on textured and embossed surfaces, a greater variety of designs can be produced.

Xaar works closely with Colorobbia, Esmalglass-Itaca, Ferro and Chimigraf-Fritta to approve their digital inkjet inks for optimum performance with the Xaar 1001 printhead. These companies praise Xaar inkjet technology for its ability to deliver important creative and production advantages: "Through Xaar technology we are able to offer new innovative products and new solutions to our customers, delivering significant improvements in aesthetics," said Pedro Rodero, Esmalglass-Itaca Grupo.

"Xaar inkjet has changed the world of ceramic decoration. Digital inkjet decoration has the power to inspire new designs that would not have been possible using traditional methods," said Jose-Antonio Comitre, Ferro.