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Piezo inkjet

Piezo inkjet applies electrical signals to ink chambers made of piezoelectric crystals, causes deformation of walls or a roof to eject ink through tiny nozzle holes. Due to its mechanical nature of jetting principle and chemical properties of the material, various type of inks including chemically reactive solvent or UV curable inks can be used.

Thermal inkjet

Thermal inkjet heats ink in the chamber to generate vapor bubbles that eject ink drops out of the nozzle.
The head is made by photo-litho process, enabling cost-effective production of many nozzles at a higher resolution than piezo heads.


Where a meniscus vibrates during the forcing cycle it may affect the jetting characteristics and may change factors such as drop velocity or directional accuracy.

Satellite Drop

A small drop or drops that accompany the main, larger ink drop ejected by head actuation. They often cause degradation of image quality and other problems in the printer.

Color Bleed (Bleeding)

One of the image defects typically observed in ink jet prints where different color inks bleed into one another, usually caused by either too muck ink or inproper absorbing characteristic of paper.


A visual effect observed in inkjet print using pigment inks. When viewed at an certain angle, areas where C, M, Y inks are mixed to generate grey tone tend to have bronze like metallic reflection.

Ames Test

This is a test to check the risk of chemical substances to cause DNA damage, leading to cancer.

Swath-type inkjet printing

A method of inkjet printing where a head carriage travels across media surface back and forth while the media is transported intermittantly.
All home use inkjet printers and most large format printers adopt this printing method.

Single-pass Inkjet Printing

A newly emerging printing method where a media-wide head array ejects ink onto the media that travels beneath it.
More and more industrial inkjet applications have been adopting this method becasue of its high productivity.


Ink can be purged from this nozzle either by pressurising the ink supply or by applying a vacuum to the nozzle.The purge action can remove air bubbles from the ink chamber and blockages from the nozzles.