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Konica Minolta 256 Printhead

Konica Minolta 256 Printhead suitable for MYJET, ALLWIN, TECKWIN, VISTA etc.

KM256 42pl, KM256 14pl optional

  • Shear mode, Piezo On-Demand Print Head
    Designed for the graphics and industrial markets and with a proven track record in wide format printing and "coding and marking" the XJ128 is the ideal entry level piezo inkjet "drop-on-demand"product.

  • 256 Nozzle with 360 dpi Spacing
    High resolution, 360 nozzle per inch spacing has enabled arranging 256 Nozzle on a comactly designed print head. The KM256 series consists of type L, M and S, corresponding to unit drop volume capabilities of 42pl, 14pl and 4pl respectively. The type M and S can be driven in 4 level grey-scale mode for reproducing high quality images with smoother tones.

  • Compatible with Solvent, UV, Oil ...
    Due to its specially designed internal structure, the KM256 series boasts a wide range of ink compatibility, including aggressive solvent inks typically used for super-wide format printers. Inks which have high viscosity at room temperature,such as UV ink, can be heated up to 55 degrees Celsius with the H type's internal heater.

  • Enabling Comapct Design of Head Mount System
    This series is specially designed to have a "wing" structure so that users can precisely align the print heads without difficulty. This feature allows easy combination of page-width printhead units for the purpose of single-pass high-speed printing. The same external design allows interchangability of different type heads on the same mount system