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Latest News about Large Format Printing
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Publishing Company: CREACT KG, Linau; editor in chief: Susanne Aschoff
Thursday, 07. September 2006
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Dear readers,
here you will find something about interesting innovations and news about Large Format Printing.
1) Visual Communication Europe: 20 to 22 September in Paris
Visual communication professionals and users come to Visual Communication Europe to find information,
techniques, ideas and solutions to bring their projects to fruition. This was proven by the online survey of
professionals in 2005: 69% of respondents ranked Visual Communication as their main source of information
on new solutions and technologies in the market. On their stands, manufacturers and distributors will
showcase their capabilities: increasingly large-format printing with no increase in price using technical
innovations and communications media to increase the visibility of advertising campaigns adapting to demand
with a customized offer from one to infinity.
More information: www.visualparis.com
2) photokina: 26 September to 01 October in Cologne
photokina will once again be setting the standard as the global information and
communication platform of the imaging sector, with the latest techniques, products,
applications and services. It is a wide range of products on show, which cover the entire
scope of the complex imaging market. The trade fair is presenting itself in a new light: The
modified concept of the "new photokina" and the premiere in the new Cologne exhibition
center ensure that even regular visitors to the show are eagerly awaiting this year's event.
The trade fair distinguishes itself in the booming global imaging market by its unique
competence in imaging. Around 1,600 suppliers from 50 countries will be presenting at
this year's photokina, with more than 60 percent of them coming from outside Germany. Around 160,000
visitors from 140 countries - mostly professional users and dealers - are expected.
More information: www.photokina-cologne.com
3) SGIA '06: 26 to 29 September in Las Vagas
It's official. SGIA '06 is going to be huge – It's already broken Association records for the most exhibitors at an
Expo. "We have 582 exhibitors, and more signing up every day. Plus, we're expecting about 17,000 people on
site. This is the biggest Expo floor we've ever had," said SGIA Vice President, Conventions & Conferences,
Sylvia Hall. “It's an exciting time to be in specialty graphics”, said SGIA CEO/President Michael Robertson.
"We've definitely entered our industry's Age of Innovation. Fresh, new capabilities push the community forward
with added customization that defies commoditization and brings with it new ideas for profitable printing. It's an
exciting time to be in specialty imager, and SGIA '06 will capture that excitement, especially being in Las
Vegas. We'll showcase applications, equipment, consumables and markets for graphics, garments and just
about any market in between.”
More information: www.sgia.org
Sincerely Yours Susanne Aschoff
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1) Visual Communication Europe: 20 to 22 September in Paris
2) photokina: 26 September to 01 October in Cologne
3) SGIA '06: 26 to 29 September in Las Vagas
4) Gandinnovations: New Jeti 5024 UV RTR
5) Inca Digital Printers: New Inca Spider 320+white flatbed printer
6) Agfa to demo :Anapurna XL at SGIA 2006
7) Mutoh Europe at Visual Communication Europe
8) Spühl AG: Open house on October 12 to 13
9) SEAL Graphics: New AquaSEAL 72UV liquid laminator
10) Drytac & Hot Press: Innovative new products
11) SA International: PhotoPRINT Family V5.0v3 now available
12) ColorGATE announces PRODUCTIONSERVER4 Version 4.30
13) SCP software supports Mutoh Drafstation
14) Megaink: New Plug-n-print drop-in cartridge
15) Marabu at Visual Communication Europe
16) Regulus shows an extensive range of inkjet media
17) MACtac at Visual Communication Europe
18) ASLAN: New films for digital printing
19) ColorGATE SCREENFILM – daylight medium for K3 inks
20) STARFLEX: New blockout at Visual Communication Europe
21) Sihl: New premium paper for inkjet photo printing
22) HARMAN technology makes photokina debut
23) Mitsubishi HiTec Paper at photokina 2006 – ”A Beaming Smile”
24) Neschen: A wide range of new products
25) Julius Heywinkel GmbH: heytex® ferrous tarpaulin
26) 3P: SubliDirect line is available in 122 inches
27) Berger: New products
28) Océ announces Océ Pro-Select Media Line
29) Dr. Graphix Imaging: New display and new banner
30) BARBIERI electronics: 10th anniversary at photokina
31) HumanEyes 3D to unveil PrintPro 2.0
32) GMG ColorServer Separation module as stand alone version
33) EFI: Interior Graphics for Arizona State University
34) PRO SIGN 2006 – The Trade Fair on Sign Making
Alphabetical index:
3P (26), Agfa (6), ASLAN (18), BARBIERI (30), Berger (27),
ColorGATE (12) (19), Dr. Graphix (29), Drytac / Hot Press (10), EFI
(33), GMG (32), Gandinnovations (4), HARMAN (22), HumanEyes
(31), Inca (5), Julius Heywinkel (25), MACtac (17), Marabu (15),
Megaink (14), Mitsubishi (23), Mutoh (7), Neschen (24), Oce (28),
photokina (2), PRO SIGN (34), Regulus (16), SAi (11), SCP (13),
SGIA (3), SEAL Graphics (9), Sihl (21), Spühl AG (8), STARFLEX
(20), Visual Communication Europe (1)
4) Gandinnovations: New Jeti 5024 UV RTR
Gandinnovations is introducing the new Jeti 5024
UV Roll To Roll 5.1 meter wide (16.8 feet) grandformat
printer to world-wide customers due to the
immense popularity of the Jeti 3324 UVRTR. “The
Jeti 5024 UVRTR is designed for speed, and we
feel that we have achieved our goal”, says Hary
Gandy, CEO of World-wide sales for
Gandinnovations. The head carriage hosts 24
Spectra print heads, while ink designation is 4
heads per color allowing for 6 color combinations.
The Jeti® 5024 UVRTR will feature resolution up to
1200 dpi. This newest option available on all Jeti UV
curable grand-format printers is now available world
wide. The Jeti® 5024 UVRTR is designed to print
on media types such as reinforced vinyl, pressure
sensitive vinyl, canvas, fabrics, mesh and paper.
The Jeti® 5024 UVRTR, as with all Jeti models, will
be available in 300 dpi, 600 dpi, and now true 1200
dpi format options, while maintaining true production
of a grand-format printer. The new latest addition to
the Gandinnovations product line will continue to
treat operators with the easy-to-use computer
interface. All images ripped to the printer appear as
thumbnails. Operators can then drag and drop the
files to the layout page where they can rotate, flip,
scale, and even collage as many files as they like.
The Jeti 5024 UVRTR is planning to make its debut
at one of the many upcoming tradeshows in which
Gandinnovations will be exhibiting.
SGIA 2006: booth 700
More information: www.gandinnovations.com
5) Inca Digital Printers: New Inca Spider 320+white flatbed printer
Inca Digital Printers will hold the US launch of the Spyder 320+ white flatbed printer at SGIA '06. The
innovative, large format digital flatbed UV printer will be demonstrated by exclusive distributor Fujifilm Sericol
on stand 1146 featuring the latest ink technology from the Uvijet family. The Spyder 320+white is the latest
addition to Inca's best-selling Spyder 320 range and was developed to meet strong demand from the market
for a digital printer that can handle white printing more easily and more flexibly and at higher quality than
previously possible. White inkjet printing has not been easy in the past with users restricted to buying a printer
that only underprinted or overprinted, as well as complex file set up, potential mis-registration when printing
multi-layers and disappointing ink opacity. Inca has overcome these issues with its first entry into digital 'white'.
Inca's vacuum flatbed and highly accurate registration system has allowed it to develop the Inca Spyder 320+
white model with the capability of printing white ink as an overprint, underprint, or spot in single, multiple or
graduated layers to provide a huge level of flexibility from one machine.
More information: www.incadigital.com
6) Agfa to demo :Anapurna XL at SGIA 2006
Agfa announced that the :Anapurna XL, Agfa's newest UV wide-format, hybrid roll-to-roll/flatbed printing
system for indoor and outdoor signs and displays, will be demonstrated at SGIA 2006. Attendees of the show
will be able to come to the Agfa booth to see live demos of the printing system to offer high-quality printing for
roll-to-roll and rigid applications. The first :Anapurna XL sold in the United States was purchased by Mammoth
Media (www.mammothmedia.net), a super-wide format digital printing company based in Weymouth,
Massachusetts (USA). Mammoth Media, founded in 2004, produces billboards, banners, vehicle wraps, and
many other wide-format items. SGIA 2006: booth 5000
More information: www.agfa.com
7) Mutoh Europe at Visual Communication Europe
At Visual Communication Europe, Mutoh Europe NV, the Belgium-based wideformat
inkjet printer and sign cutting plotter manufacturer, will be showing its
latest wide format digital inkjet printer technologies, such as Phoenix S 3.3 m
solvent printer, Cobra S65uv flatbed/roll-to-roll UV printer, Osprey 102 solvent
printer, Viper TX direct textile printer, Spitfire 65/90 Mild Solvent printers and
Spitfire 100 Mild Solvent printer. An eye catcher on Mutoh’s booth will certainly be
the new third generation Eco-Solvent Ultra printer, the ValueJet. This four color
piezo drop-on-demand digital inkjet printer offers a media width of 1300 mm (51”)
and a printing width of 1200 mm (47”) and printing speeds up to 14 sqm/h. The ValueJet 1204 incorporates a
new generation “wide model” 1440 dpi 3 picoliter drop-on-demand piezo print head (8 lines of 180 nozzles).
Each color section of the new print head has two nozzle rows. 10 pre-defined print modes will enable output
resolutions of 720 x 720 dpi, 1440 x 720 dpi, 1440 x 1440 dpi, as well as 540 x 720 dpi. ValueJet 1204 is
specifically destined for starting signmakers and for companies wanting to invest in a first outdoor printer.
Visual Communication Europe: hall 7.3, booth A11
More information: www.mutoh.be
8) Spühl AG: Open house on October 12 to 13
"We open the doors to the future" – This is the motto of an exciting
event that awaits you at Spühl AG in Witternbach/St. Gallen.
Experience the industrial digital printers of the virtu-product series at
their 'Live Workshop'. Together with their innovation partners 3M
(Switzerland) AG, Alcan Composites, Onyx Graphics, Verseidag-
Indutex GmbH, and others, Spühl will demonstrate numerous printing
applications on a variety of substrates and experienced specialists will be onsite to offer valuable technical
information. Gain insight into their ultra-modern JIT production process and experience their excellent
performance as well as their qualified services. The Open House at Spühl on October 12 to13 is an excellent
opportunity to become informed about developments in the industry and tomorrow's industrial digital printers.
Spühl looks forward to your visit. For quick and easy registration, more details please contact Spühl via Email
or at their homepage.
More information: http://www.spuhl.ch/openhouse or Email: openhouse@spuhl.ch
9) SEAL Graphics: New AquaSEAL 72UV liquid laminator
SEAL Graphics will present at photokina no less than ten new printable inkjet media: three water-based and
seven solvent-based; as well as the first public showing of the new AquaSEAL 72UV liquid laminator. In
addition to media, SEAL Graphics' laminators will be prominent on the stand, including the newly-launched
AquaSEAL 72UV flatbed liquid laminator. It uses a specially-developed UV-curable liquid coating for highvolume
output of flatbed prints and signs. The liquid formulation is instantly cured when it passes under the
inbuilt ultra violet lamp to provide immediate protection to a wide variety of materials including output from
inkjet, electrostatic, photographic and dye-sublimation printers, which can then be subjected to further
processing if required without further delay. If a second coat is desirable, perhaps for banners or posters in a
harsh environment, this can be applied immediately. The AS72UV will be of particular benefit on inkjetproduced
images because the liquid laminate will not react with the inks, so that offsetting is eliminated.
Signmakers printing onto foamex will find that a first coat of liquid laminate will provide a smooth surface onto
which inks will adhere better than the original material.
photokina: hall 10.1, booth A60/B60
More information: www.sealgraphics.com
10) Drytac & Hot Press: Innovative new products
At photokina, UK based manufacturer Drytac Europe Ltd will be exhibiting their Drytac and Hot Press brands
of mounting and laminating consumables and machinery. The show will see the launch of exciting new
products such as: New sizes of the popular JetMounter™ range of roller laminators; New pressure sensitive
adhesives developed for a variety of specific applications, including a block-out adhesive and an economical
carrier-free adhesive; An innovative new solution for window graphics, WindowTac™. This optically clear film
can be applied easily on-site due to its temporarily repositionable adhesive and a specially developed release
liner which allows air bubbles to escape; TriPrint™, an ideal material for producing exhibition graphics
consisting of a satin inkjet paper coated with an aqueous HeatSet™ adhesive; EmeryJet™ a textured selfadhesive
vinyl, for use with both Eco-Solvent and UV inks and an innovative new laminate, Protac
AntiBacterial™, which incorporates microban® technology to offer permanent anti-bacterial protection to
graphics, signs etc. in areas where hygiene is vital, such as health centers, hospitals, kitchens and schools.
photokina 2006: hall 10.1, booth F021
More information: www.drytac.com and www.hotpress.co.uk
11) SA International: PhotoPRINT Family V5.0v3 now available
SA International Europe announces the availability of the PhotoPRINT Family V5.0v3
professional Digital Printing solutions. This new release, available in all major
European languages, offers highly productive, revenue increasing features and
functionalities that bring new fields of opportunities with solutions for any type of
business. The PhotoPRINT Family V5.0v3 comes standard with extensive driver
support for all popular large/wide format printers, now including driver-and ICC-profile support for new output
devices from Canon, Mutoh, Mimaki, Infiniti, Summa, Neolt, Gerber, Roland and others, all included with each
PhotoPRINT Family product at no extra charge. This new PhotoPRINT Family V5.0v3 will be, next to
FlexiFamily 8 release, among the professional solutions for the Signmaking-, Screenprinting- and LFP-markets
on display at the SA International Europe booth H33 in hall 7.3 during Visual Communication Europe. Existing
PhotoPRINT 5 Family users can update to this new release “free-of-charge”.
More information: Info@SAIntl.be
12) ColorGATE announces PRODUCTIONSERVER4 Version 4.30
Printing services on the Print-for-Pay market demand greater productivity from front-end software solutions to
an ever increasing extent. ColorGATE recognized these requirements early and quickly began with a complete
overhaul of the current Version 4.30 of the RIP classic PRODUCTIONSERVER4 for its customers, equipping it
with peak performance speed. The larger the RIP tasks required from PRODUCTIONSERVER4 4.30, the
more significant and thus more relevant the performance improvement will be. Up to 60 percent is possible.
ColorGATE PRODUCTIONSERVER4 4.30 achieves its considerably greater processing speed by writing RIP
files onto the hard disk in “burst mode” faster than ever before. Internal and customer tests document an
increase of between 10 and 60 percent for released computer capacity, which is then available to perform
other tasks. Any user of older RIP software who needs better performance and a cutting edge in business
operations will profit from ColorGATE PRODUCTIONSERVER4 4.30, the platform-independent high-end
center management for all LFP applications and printing systems. ColorGATE will gladly answer any inquiries
on the exchange program “trade-in”. ColorGATE customers with current PRODUCTIONSERVER4 licenses
can retrieve their free download update at www.colorgate.com. ColorGATE also offers license holders of
PRODUCTIONSERVER Versions 1 to 3 an upgrade, which can be purchased at authorized ColorGATE sales
More information: www.colorgate.com
13) SCP software supports Mutoh Drafstation
The latest versions of SCP’s software solutions DaylightRIP and Colorado now support the large-format printer
models Mutoh Drafstation RC-900C and RC-901C. Because of their high output quality and speed, these
printers, positioned by the manufacturer for engineering customers, will also be very successful in the print-forpay
and in-house print-for-use markets, for which SCP is a worldwide acknowledged specialist. With the
special solutions DaylightRIP CAD and DaylightRIP Professional, available both as stand-alone and as
Client/Server packages, SCP meets the particular printing requirements of users in technical and reprographic
environments. DaylightRIP and Colorado also support the new large-format printers HP DesignJet 9000S,
Canon IPF 9000 and Seiko IP-3020/3120 PictureJet. Headquartered in Aachen (Germany) with subsidiaries in
the USA and China, SCP Software Company is a leading provider of professional software for scanning,
archiving, copying, printing and print management for large-format color and monochrome documents and
More information: www.scp.de
14) Megaink: New Plug-n-print drop-in cartridge
Megaink announced the immediate availability of its Plug-n-print™ cartridges featuring Megaink’s awardwinning,
enhanced color gamut, active solvent inks. The new 440ml cartridges are a drop-in replacement for
the OEM cartridges and need no bulk system installation, chip bypass software or other special installation.
The first release of the Plug-n-print™ cartridges support the Mimaki® JV3 line of printers, followed next by
Roland® and Seiko®. In conjunction of releasing this new product, Megaink has announced the release of the
new version of its JV3 Yellow and Magenta inks which provide an extended outdoor UV durability than the
existing version and a wider color gamut. Current and new users of Megaink’s JV3 inks may download new
ICC profiles for this new ink version at: http://www.megainkusa.com/MUSA/downloads.html. In its tradition of
constantly exceeding expectations and raising the standards, the Plug-n-print™ cartridges for the Mimaki JV3
line of printers are available in Orange & Green special process colors as well as the “classic” CMYK Lc Lm
ink sets. The JV3 inks in 440ml cartridges complement the existing line of Megaink’s JV3 series inks which are
delivered in 1-liter bottles and are used with either refillable cartridges or with Megaink’s patent-pending
NOMESS bulk ink delivery system.
More Information: www.megaink.biz or www.megainkusa.com
15) Marabu at Visual Communication Europe
Discover the new possibilities with Marabu Digital Printing Inks. As a full supplier in all three segments – Wide
Format, SuperWide Format and UV-applications – Marabu presents itself at the Visual Communication with a
comprehensive range. Digital Printing changes the world of printing and completes traditional screen printing
applications. The range for the wide-format inks includes: Marajet DI-E for Mimaki JV3, Marajet DI-T for Mutoh
Toucan, Marajet DI-A for OCE Arizona and Marajet DI-M for Mutoh Albatros. Their latest highlight will be
printed live during the show on a Roland SP 300 V: Marajet DI-R. Furthermore Marabu offers Digital Printing
Inks for super-wide printing machines as well as different services in this segment: Marajet DI-V for Vutek
UltraVu® and Marajet DI-S for Scitex Grandjet/XLJet. The UV-curable inkjet series Ultrajet DUV-X was
developed for Xaar XJ 500 printhead based machines such as Zuend UVJet 215 and Inca Eagle 44. It is
suitable for a wide range of substrates and offers very good resistance for outdoor applications.
Visual Communication Europe: hall 7.3, booth C37
More information: www.marabu-inks.com
16) Regulus shows an extensive range of inkjet media
At this years Visual Communication Regulus will exhibit a complete
range of special media for water based and solvent based ink-jet
systems. The main focus of the presentation will be the enhanced offer
of display films for ECO solvent and 'hard' solvent inks. The especially designed coating formulation opens the
doors to a bunch of applications which have been previously not been accessible using a solvent ink-jet
machine. The availability of reliable and cutting-edge ink-jet coatings, which have all been developed in-house
at Regulus, opens the doors to custom-made solutions for private label and OEM customers, who wish an
exclusive product for their specific needs. On the international market this approach becomes of increasing
importance for the Regulus sales activities. A visit of the Regulus booth will provide an overview of the wide
range of options for the future market of ink-jet media.
Visual Communication Europe: hall 7.3, booth A58
More information: www.regulus.de
17) MACtac at Visual Communication Europe
MACtac , expert in self -adhesive products for 40 years invites you to discover at Visual Communication
Europe its last innovations to decorate your panels, windows, stands, buildings or... vehicles. MACtac will
present Printvinyl, the new digital self adhesive film as well as other innovations particularly expected on the
market such as the new bubble free films for digital printing. MACtac will be also showing the diversity of its
products and services to help digital printers do more business while being more efficient. With a wide range of
self adhesive films meeting the needs of communication agencies, MACtac ensures a maximum impact of
your promotional campaigns. Visual Communication Europe: hall 7.3, booth E33
More information: www.mactac-europe.com
18) ASLAN: New films for digital printing
ASLAN, Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG, the German manufacturer of high quality self-adhesive films, will present
at Visual Communication Europe its brand new range of digital printing films for solvent, eco-solvent and mildsolvent
inks. In addition to a wide range of monomeric films of different types and sizes, ASLAN will expand
the polymeric program this autumn, by introducing several films with a PE-coated backing liner. This gives the
films much enhanced layflat abilities, better resistance to humidity, which adds up to superior printing results.
Not to mention as well, a significant increase in choice of sizes. Underlining its ambition to continuously
develop new products, ASLAN will round up the digital program with some new special films that go beyond
the ordinary run of the mill. The ASLAN-team is looking forward to seeing you and will be pleased to show the
new films and many other specialties. Visual Communication Europe: hall 7.3, booth A 58
More information: www.ASLAN-Schwarz.com
19) ColorGATE SCREENFILM – daylight medium for K3 inks
Designed to provide for a smooth digital workflow with all compatible ink-jet printers and optimized for EPSON
ULTRACHROME K3, ColorGATE now introduces SCREENFILM, the ideal daylight medium for high-end
screen printing production using ColorGATE FILMGATE4 or PRODUCTIONSERVER4 with the FILMGATE
module. In practical application, ColorGATE SCREENFILM stands out by virtue of its brilliant performance for
line art work, full tone and half tone work up to a revolutionary 122 lpi, outstanding durability, very short drying
time, and an exceptional resistance to scratching and water/moisture. ColorGATE’s own product development
in cooperation with leading industrial partners was driven by the fact that many FILMGATE users were
dissatisfied with the technical material properties and the value for money offered by the products available
from the competition. As the first product to be specially designed to accommodate K3 ink film material as well
as on the market with other popular inks. The bottom line for all computer-to-film users: thanks to a UV density
of Dmax >4.0, ColorGATE SCREENFILM makes it possible to produce perfect screen printing films (stencils)
for linearization of 20 to 122 lpi. Coupled with a highly detailed resolution and high acutance. Quick-drying,
water resistant and scratchproof. Available in all the popular roll lengths, with a special time-limited sample roll
campaign during its market launch, ColorGATE SCREENFILM is now available starting immediately from
authorized FILMGATE sales partners.
More information: www.colorgate.com
20) STARFLEX: New blockout at Visual Communication Europe
STARFLEX will present new blockout series and the comprehensive range of updated products at Visual
Communication Europe 2006. NSBO-15 (510g/qm), NSBO-11 (370g/qm) have improved the double side
printability on both Digital and Screen printing. Thanks to its fine fabric structure and the enhanced treatment
on the back surface, the curling effect after strong solvent printing has been minimized. Available widths of
NSBO are 137cm, 160cm as a standard, and the customized width production is possible from 80cm up to
200cm. As one of the leading manufacturers of PVC flexible substrate, STARFLEX CO. LTD. produces a very
comprehensive range of Back-lit, Front-lit, Blockout, Mesh for wide & super-wide format solvent printers.
Visual Communication Europe: hall 7.3., booth L019
More information: www.star-flex.com
21) Sihl: New premium paper for inkjet photo printing
Sihl presents at photokina a new inkjet paper for photorealistic prints as well as
canvas materials for faithful art and photo reproductions. The new flagship
product in the home printing sector is Quick Dry Photo Glossy 280 with SuperDry
coating technology. This microporous inkjet coating, which was developed by
Sihl, guarantees prints with brilliant color reproduction and high gloss which look
and feel like a real photo. Another trade fair highlight is Picasso Canvas for Solvent WF 340, a canvas
(polyblend fabric), coated on one-side for high-standard graphic art applications on inkjet plotters and printers
with solvent inks. Another focal point at the exhibition stand is a comprehensive range of media for largeformat
prints. DuraSol Light 220 satin is a tear-resistant hard PVC banner with waterproof coating for ecosolvent
and solvent inks. High-standard photo quality for poster and picture printing is offered by PhotoSOL
Paper PE 235, a robust and stiff PE paper designed for use with eco-solvent and solvent inks. All Sihl products
presented at photokina are now available.
photokina 2006: hall 10,1, booth B20
More information: www.sihlgroup.com
22) HARMAN technology makes photokina debut
HARMAN technology Limited, a leading professional imaging specialist, is to exhibit at the photokina exhibition
for the first time. The company, currently in the final stages of development for a pioneering inkjet media
range, will use the exhibition to announce launch plans and provide further detail of the groundbreaking
products. Howard Hopwood, Marketing Director at HARMAN technology commented: “It is very exciting to be
guiding HARMAN technology into the photokina exhibition; the biggest event in the calendar for the
photographic industry in Europe. There has been a great deal of anticipation surrounding the new inkjet
products, so hopefully the exhibition will be a perfect opportunity to provide the industry with the first real
demonstration of the unique qualities HARMAN inkjet media will provide.” The release of HARMANs real photo
baryta inkjet papers is due before the end of the year, and more detailed information surrounding the launch
plans will be announced at the exhibition. photokina: hall 10.1, booth C36 and 38
More information: www.ilfordphoto.com
23) Mitsubishi HiTec Paper at photokina 2006 – ”A Beaming Smile”
It is almost a kind of tradition and according to this Mitsubishi HiTec Paper is
ready for when the doors open in Cologne on the 26th September for the
world’s leading fair for photo imaging. This year the company sets its focus on
its well established range of media. On it’s 110 sqm stand the latest
developments in the area of high quality coated inkjet media will be presented.
Whether resin coated media for the professional user, with the typical feeling of a traditional photo paper, or for
the ever increasing market of digital photography in SoHo applications, Mitsubishi HiTec Paper is always the
first choice for excellent printing results, with brilliant and durable colors. As one of the first producers of high
quality coated inkjet-media, Mitsubishi HiTec Paper Bielefeld GmbH obtained FSC certification in June 2006.
This new eco label recognizes Mitsubishi HiTec Paper’s efforts in maintaining an optimal resource and
environmental management.
photokina: hall 10.1, booth D011
More information: www.jetscript.com
24) Neschen: A wide range of new products
Just in time for PRO SIGN, Neschen has markedly increased its inkjet range of products. Five new products
have been added for water-based inkjet printers, printable with both dye-based and pigmented inks. Included
here are two micro-porous photo papers, “printlux glossy paper 235 instant dry” and “printlux satin paper 235
instant dry”, the new canvas material “printex art canvas 320 premium”, printable with all common water-based
inks, and the 400μm thick, hard-PVC material “printlux easy panel 400”, which is designed especially for
PopUp Display Systems. The latter material will also be available with a special coating for solvent-based inks,
“solvoprint easy panel 400“, and is thus included in a premium quality product range for solvent and UVhardened
printers. Also included in this range are the matt backlit film “solvoprint backlit”, the new “solvoprint
nolite 175 premium” and the 220μm thick PP-film “solvoprint PP satin 220”, all with excellent printing
characteristics and a high level of scratch-resistance. Last but not least is a glossy, 80μm PVC-film from the
easy 80 range with a semi-permanent adhesive. This product is available with either a clear or a grey
adhesive. PRO SIGN: hall 3, booth B20 and C20
More information: www.neschen.com
25) Julius Heywinkel GmbH: heytex® ferrous tarpaulin
Julius Heywinkel GmbH, Germany, is one of the leading manufacturers of coated
fabrics for large format printing. heytex® Sign fabrics are the result of long-standing
experiences as well as of state-of-the-art production facilities and technologies. At
Visual Communication Europe Julius Heywinkel GmbH will showcase well-proven
products and innovations like for example heytex® ferrous tarpaulin, a superior
ferrous frontlit that has been custom-built for the combination with magnetic
components like e.g. magnetic boards, magnetic stickers or magnetic walls. Due to
the insertion of brand polyester fabrics, heytex® ferrous tarpaulin is of high tensile
strength and guarantees brilliant, high-grade print images for both, silk-screen printing
as well as digital printing. In addition, Julius Heywinkel GmbH presents heytex®
digitex® M1, a fabric of the well-proven heytex® digitex® series. Of late, the lightweight material is available
with a certification for flame retardancy according to the international norm M1 – for an even broader range of
applications. Learn more about innovations and other high-quality fabrics of Julius Heywinkel GmbH. Visit
Julius Heywinkel GmbH at Visual Communication Europe.
Visual Communication Europe: hall 7.3, booth H011
More information: www.heytex.com
26) 3P: SubliDirect line is available in 122 inches
In May 3P InkJet Textiles AG introduced SubliDirect products successfully at FESPA Digital, Amsterdam, in 61
and 98 inches width. According to many customer requests 3P includes now the grand format (122 inches) in
the SubliDirect sales program. This 3P InkJet coating meets the high requirements of high speed printers like
DuPont™ Artistri™ 3320 & 2020 and d.gen Telios. As the name SubliDirect implies, the fabrics are printed
directly with water-based sublimation inks. After heat activation the prints are visible on both sides in superior
quality. The exceptional 3P coating enlarges color gamut and shows deeper and richer tones. The sublimation
direct printing allows reproducible first-class image quality which resists abrasion and other mechanical stress.
The perfect combination of 3P textile and textile printing system allows clear, sharp lines and brilliant, genuine
colors. The new SubliDirect line comprises four different fabrics: SubliDirect Flag FR (IQ-IJ619), SubliDirect
Flag (IQ-IJ 621), SubliDirect Display FR (IQ-IJ 625) and SubliDirect Taft FR (IQ-IJ 629). All textiles marked
with “FR” are flame retardant and can be used unconsidered in public buildings. The different proofs of safety
for fabrics and countries can be downloaded at www.3p-inktextiles.com.
SGIA 2006, Las Vegas: booth 1818, photokina: hall 10.1, booth D001
More information: www.3p-inktextiles.com
27) Berger: New products
Since June 2006 Marc Nitsche has been responsible for the range of digital printing textiles at A. Berger
GmbH & Co. KG in Krefeld. The digital textile division at Berger includes material for all digital printing
technologies, as e.g. sublimation paper transfer, sublimation direct printing, UV curable inks, solvent inks and
water based inks. New products are: art canvas 330 FR + s and art canvas 330 FR, a 350 g heavy 100 %
Polyester canvas with a raw canvas texture printable with Solvent and UV curable inks with an excellent
brightness, sizes up to 505 cm. The art canvas 330 FR is suitable for sublimation printing in paper transfer or
UV printing as well as Samba tent + s and Samba tent FR + s, a 120 g light pure Polyester for in-and outdoor.
Printable with: eco solvent, solvent and UV inks. The reverse side is applicable for Sublimation in paper
More information: www.bergertextil.com
28) Océ announces Océ Pro-Select Media Line
Océ, a global leader in digital document management and delivery solutions, announced the Océ Pro-Select
line of instant dry media designed for 17- to 60-inch photo and proofing printers including models from Océ,
Epson, Canon and HP. The line includes four films, three photo papers and one proofing paper. ICC profiles
for Océ, Epson, Canon and HP printers driven by the most popular RIP solutions such as ColorBurst®,
Colorbyte and ONYX® will be available at no charge. In addition, Océ offers complimentary application
support via phone and web for all Océ media. Océ Pro-Select Pop-Up Film and Océ Pro-Select Premium
Clear Film are available now.
More information: www.oceusa.com/imagingsupplies or www.oce.com
29) Dr. Graphix Imaging: New display and new banner
Dr. Graphix Imaging has consistently developed quality products for the large format print and display markets.
The new E.D.G.E. (Easy Desktop Graphic Exhibitor) display is the latest addition to Dr. Graphix Imaging's
display catalog. The unique design of the E.D.G.E. gives “portable” a professional and clean appearance.
Simply remove the display from its protective case and attach your desired graphic to the included adhesive
strips. This retractable display is ready to go in seconds, no parts to assemble or tools required. E.D.G.E.
displays are made of the highest quality materials and include Dr. Graphix Imaging’s legacy of outstanding
support. The E.D.G.E. is available in 33.5” sizes and can hold graphics up to 3’ in length. The new Fire
Retardant Premium Banner Flex (DRWPBF2FR) is the latest addition to the Fabrics Inkjet Media family. Fire
Retardant Premium Banner Flex is made of the highest quality fire retardant polyester. Suitable for both
aqueous and solvent inks this new 7.5mil fabric merges the unique printing characteristics and high resolution
capability that Dr. Graphix users have come to expect with a USA NFPA 701, Small Scale Test (1989) [DIN
4102, Class B2(1998) Europe] fire rating that exhibit venues demand. Print beautiful banners to hang or use
on Dr. Graphix Rollrunner displays. Fire Retardant Premium Banner Flex includes also Dr. Graphix Imaging’s
legacy of outstanding support.
More information: www.drgraphix.com
30) BARBIERI electronics: 10th anniversary at photokina
BARBIERI electronic, one of the worlds leading manufacturers of densitometers and spectrophotometers this
year will attend for the 10th time at photokina and present there some new products in the field of
spectrophotometry and densitometry. This year they will present different novelties in both product ranges,
"Phototechnique" and "Color Management". To set a new standard in quality and convenience in densitometry,
BARBIERI electronic introduced the LED-technology in their new densitometers. This new technology enables
to reach never seen measuring quality and repeatability. In "Color Management" BARBIERI electronic
expands their highly successful product range with a new spectrophotometer. This new measuring device fills
the gap between the well-known Spectro 50xy for professional photo applications and the extremely
successful Spectro LFP for the flatbed printing market. It is specially designed to respond the needs of all large
and wide format printing laboratories. Within the last years, BARBIERI electronic expanded also their OEMbusiness
and is now a well-known and valued OEM-Partner and -supplier. Also in this field they will present
different novelties as special measuring probes to be built-in in printer or minilabs or new external stand-alone
measuring probes.
photokina 2006: hall 10.1, booth F16
More information: www.BARBIERIelectronic.com
31) HumanEyes 3D to unveil PrintPro 2.0
Already heralded as a pioneer of modern 3D and lenticular technology, HumanEyes Technologies will soon
launch PrintPro 2.0, a multi-faceted, easy-to-use 3D creation and production application developed for
designers, photographers, ad agencies, brand owners and printers; now based on next-generation
technology. 2D to 3D Conversion and an interactive Timeline feature for precise creative control head the list
of new features in PrintPro 2.0. “Designers, printers, and packagers gave us their wish list, and PrintPro 2.0 is
the result,” says HumanEyes Technologies CEO, Duby Hodd. “SGIA attendees will be the first to see the
software, made stronger and faster on a new technology platform. We’re confident they will be impressed by
its abilities to revive the power of their existing 2D collections as well as empower them to easily create
spectacular, new 3D imagery.” SGIA 2006: booth 974
More information: www.humaneyes.com
32) GMG ColorServer Separation module as stand alone version
GMG, supplier of high-end color management and proofing solutions, announced that its best -selling
ColorServer Separation module is now also available as a stand alone version. In addition to the full version
GMG ColorServer Pro GMG also recognize a demand for the ColorServer Separation module. Until now this
module was only available as an additional option together with a GMG ColorProof license. The digital camera
boom results in more and more RGB data being supplied. The data very often arrives in an unedited form,
meaning that the resolution has to be adjusted (scaled) to the definitive size and the file sharpened in
accordance with the changed resolution. The RGB data are subsequently separated into the required CMYK
color space. The hot folder technology of GMG ColorServer handles this procedure fully automatic, meaning
that the RGB data are put into a hot folder, and scaled, sharpened and separated in accordance with the
parameters assigned to the hot folder. Also included in GMG ColorServer Separation is a PDF-to-PDF
conversion function for RGB data. This means that RGB data embedded in PDF files are separated into the
required CMYK target color space. If CMYK data are already embedded in the PDF file, they are handled in
linear fashion, i.e. left unchanged.
More information: www.gmgcolor.com
33) EFI: Interior Graphics for Arizona State University
Arizona-based full service printer, Image Craft LLC, has installed a VUTEk® PressVu® UV 200/600 and an
UltraVu® II 3360 from EFI to streamline its business and extend its service offering. The company recently
utilized its new VUTEk printers to produce a variety of graphics used to decorate the Arizona State University’s
Sports Hall of Fame. Image Craft’s new PressVu UV was used to print directly to rigid panels, displaying a
collection of the university’s sports programs. Used to decorate the walls of the university hall, the panels were
printed direct to rigid substrate, eliminating the need for mounting self adhesive vinyl. By removing this
production process, Image Craft saved both time and money. Maximizing the 360 dpi capability of its UltraVu II
3360, Image Craft also produced vinyl ceiling danglers and a timeline banner for the job. Circling the walls of
the university’s sports hall of fame, the 6’ x 155’ timeline banner was installed to display the university’s
historic sporting successes, while also providing an important visual focus for the room. A dramatic collage of
sports action photos covers the 26’ x 61’ east- and west-facing glass atrium walls, produced on translucent
pressure-sensitive vinyl. The Arizona State University job also required the use of Image Craft’s existing two
meter UltraVu® 2360 and five meter UltraVu® 5300 printers. The UltraVu 5300 was used to produce the
largest pieces of the job – four 22’ x 25’ banners featuring dynamic photos of university athletes. Promoting the
university’s high-profile mascot, Sparky, the two meter UltraVu 2360 was used to produce floor graphics
printed on to pressure-sensitive vinyl and installed on the hall’s floor.
More information: www.efi.com
34) PRO SIGN 2006 – The Trade Fair on Sign Making
In the twelfth year of the event, PRO SIGN 2006 awaits us with several innovations: a new logo, a new
concept, a new hall and a new Project Manager since July. Petra Lassahn has taken over at the helm of the
sign fairs from Diana Schmeisser who is expecting a baby. In the future, PRO SIGN shall be looking to further
consolidate the reputation it has developed as a leading trade fair for advertising techniques in Germany. The
reduced subheading says it all: PRO SIGN has developed a clear structure for the trade fair concept. The aim
here is to strengthen the “conventional sign making” areas. This applies in particular to product ranges, such
as, sign and light advertising, LED/neon, engraving, as well as areas such as, digital printing, POS/display and
consumer media. “ The organizers, Reed Exhibitions Deutschland GmbH, are expecting roughly 200 exhibitors
from throughout Europe and approximately 7000 trade visitors. “The industry has changed, PRO SIGN is
therefore supporting an industry development in which sign makers are increasingly becoming all-round
providers of both traditional and modern advertising technologies,” explains Petra Lassahn.
PRO SIGN: 19th to 21st October 2006, Frankfurt Exhibition Centre
More information: www.prosign-messe.com
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