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Leading Manufacturers Choose Xaar Inkjet For Digital Ceramic Tile Printers At Tecnargilla

CretaPrint, Kerajet, Projecta, Intesa and TecnoFerrari show latest inkjet printers featuring Xaar 1001 printheads

- Ferro, Itaca, Chimigraf and Colorobbia present Xaar-approved inks for ceramic tiles

- Xaar sponsors first Tecnargilla Design Award

Several leading manufacturers show innovative inkjet printers using Xaar printheads at Tecnargilla (27th September – 1st October 2010). Xaar’s OEMs: CretaPrint, Kerajet, Projecta, Intesa and TecnoFerrari are all demonstrating the quality, flexibility and creative potential of their latest inkjet printers at the event. In addition Xaar’s ink partners, including Ferro, Esmalglass-Itaca, Chimigraf and Colorobbia, all present their range of inks certified for use with the Xaar 1001 printhead.

At Tecnargilla, Xaar’s OEM partners show the unique advantages of inkjet printed tiles and how the process significantly enhances creativity in tile design with the ability to produce life-like patterns across the whole surface, even the edges. Inkjet printing allows users to print smooth, uneven and textured tiles and borders, with the facility to print large images that eliminate any obvious repeat patterns in the final display. In addition, printers gain the freedom to produce variable and personalised images. As a non-contact process, inkjet printing also enables large and thin tiles to be printed without risk of breakage. Because the digital process has no set up time small batches can be printed quickly on request, time after time, with the confidence that the images will match. This allows companies to reduce their stocks and produce what they need, when they need it.

“The ceramics tile industry is experiencing a digital revolution,” says Mark Alexander, Director of Marketing at Xaar. “Ceramic tile producers are adopting innovative digital inkjet technology from Xaar to provide considerable benefits to their customers. Not only does the digital process open up new creative design opportunities, it also brings substantial commercial benefits in being able to produce small volumes of bespoke tiles, cost-effectively.”

The unique patented design of re-circulating ink through the printhead allows the Xaar 1001 to jet a variety of fluids. It can handle both traditional pigmented and ‘nanoparticle’ inks and, because the fluid is in constant movement sedimentation and build up of particles are eliminated. Designed for high-speed, single pass applications, the Xaar 1001 delivers excellent drop formation and drop placement accuracy with outstanding operational durability.

The Xaar 1001′s innovative XaarDOT features allow variable dots to be produced to give users the ability to select drop size depending upon the application. Fine drops give smooth tones, contrasting shades and sharp lines, while larger drops ensure good ink coverage at maximum print speed. The result is a stunning replication of natural materials such as stone and marble.

Xaar sponsors first Tecnargilla Design Award Reinforcing its commitment to printing excellence, Xaar is proud to sponsor the first Tecnargilla Design Award this year. The Design Award celebrates the creative potential of digital decoration in the ceramics industry over and above what can be achieved with other forms of decoration. Innovative designs entered by Colorobbia, Esmalglass-Itaca, Euromeccanica, Intesa, Kerajet, Poligraph, Sertam, Siti – B&T Group, System Group, Vidres, TecnoFerrari, Torrecid, and TSC will be displayed in the Ceramic Workshop Area. The winner will be picked by a jury of creative and technical directors from leading ceramics firms, tile retailers, members of the press and the president of ACIMAC, Pietro Cassani.

Visitors to the Xaar booth in the South Hall can pick up a guide to the digital printers and ink suppliers at Tecnargilla and enter a survey with the chance to win an Apple iPad. For those who want a simple guide to inkjet printing – both the technical process and its commercial use – Xaar’s new ‘Industrial Inkjet for Dummies’ handbook is available for free.

About Xaar:

Xaar is the world’s leading independent supplier of industrial inkjet printheads, inks and peripheral equipment to commercial printing and industrial manufacturing markets. Xaar’s innovative technology offers OEM customers and licensees commercial advantage through product differentiation, productivity, and faster time-to-market. Additional information about Xaar is available at www.xaar.com