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New Print Modes for SwissQprint Oryx UV Flatbed Printer

New Print Modes for SwissQprint Oryx UV Flatbed Printer
Polytype AG

Polytype America Corp. has announced that it Swiss partner, SwissQPrint has created several new print modes for its Oryx UV flatbed printers that increase the maximum print speed up to 828 sqft/hr. This feature will be demonstrated at the SGIA show in Polytype booth #135.

The print modes offer additional production print speed choices of 269 and 408 sqft/hr with a usable draft mode of 828 sqft / hr printing with all modes running 720 x 360 dpi resolution. The current production print modes of the Oryx are 129 and 193 sqft/hr at 720x720 dpi resolution.

Bill Grambsch, Polytype Sales Manager said, "The significance of these new print modes is an increase in production speed of at least 40 percent while maintaining the highest quality. In addition the Amber print control software is able map out and compensate for any missing nozzles in the print head. This jet mapping feature is the key to getting consistent production speeds. If you buy a printer based on its single pass print mode, experience tells us that eventually one or more jets will clog over time and without the ability to map out the missing jets and compensate for them you will have to slow down your printing speed to get the same quality. With the Oryx you can count on high level production speeds for many years to come."

The Oryx printer uses 14 picoliter ink drop size print heads with up to 1024 jets per color and delivers great quality at high speed. With its maximum speed of 828 sqft/hr the Oryx is a great price/performance value. Typical production printing at high print quality ranges from 193 to 408 sqft/hr at resolutions of 720x720 and 720x360 dpi.

The Oryx print head configuration is very flexible starting with a base configuration of four heads running CMYK up to 16 heads with two heads per color running six color CMYKlclm, white ink and varnish. This gives the user ultimate flexibility to start with an affordable base machine and be able to upgrade the speed, color or varnish for specialty applications when they need it.

The Oryx has an adjustable vacuum bed of 99x59 inches with a table registration system that allows for easy registration of multiple up printing and double sided printing as well as full bleed printing capability.

The Oryx offers a full eight foot wide roll to roll option that doubles as an oversized board transport system. The Amber software has a queue system for unattended printing of roll goods. There is an encoder wheel that tracks the movement of roll material and if necessary will micro-adjust the beam position assuring band free printing.

When printing oversized boards using the roll mesh to transport boards though the printer the encoder wheel is engaged to provide accurate feedback to manage micro-adjustments of the beam eliminating media step banding.

SwissQprint UV flatbed printers will be on display in the Polytype America Corp. booth #135 at the SGIA show October 13-15, 2010.