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New Spectra Polaris 512 Jet Printheads Launched by FujiFilm Dimatix

FujiFilm Dimatix has just introduced the latest addition to the Spectra brand of general-purpose, binary, drop-on-demand inkjet printheads, namely the launch of the new Polaris PQ-512/35 AAA, which joins a previously-introduced 15-picoliter version.

“Our new Polaris PQ-512/35 AAA printhead with aqueous capability and shared physical features provides further evidence of the power of the Q-Class platform. Its flexibility to easily migrate across many printer models and applications, a long-service life and simplified field maintenance will make it a natural choice of forward thinking developers,” said Marc Torrey, Vice President, Marketing, FUJIFILM Dimatix, Inc.

Q-Class is the platform that allowed the company to come up with new series of high-performance printheads and jetting assemblies, capable of ensuring the largest range of drop sizes and broadest ink compatibility, as well as a higher packing density than it was possible before. The common physical features enable the printer designs to be migrated across different model types and printing applications.

Polaris PQ-512/35 AAA is what further extends the Q-Class versatility, bringing a 512-jet design, a new spot size support, and an aqueous ink capability. The PQ-512/35 AAA sports a durable metal nozzle plate, and uses the binary operating capability of Dimatix VersaDrop jetting technology, enabling it to offer adjustable drop sizes of 35 to 85 picoliters, from 512 individually addressable inkjet nozzles.

Jet straightness is achieved remarkably at continuous frequencies of up to 30kHz, with an 8 meter per second drop velocity. As the printhead employs a flexible, fluid interface, the Polaris PQ-512/35 AAA allows single or two-color operation. Further support includes aqueous ink formulations, aside from UV-curable, and aggressive organic solvents making the printhead suitable for commercial and industrial use, including wide-format graphics, textiles, ceramics, labels and secondary packing, with resolution of up to 800 dpi.