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Océ Arizona® Series large format UV flatbed printer
Océ Arizona 550 GT
Océ Arizona flatbed printers - including the new Océ Arizona 550 GT, the Océ Arizona 350 series and Océ Arizona 300 GT - are all based on an Océ-developed platform that combines a true flatbed design and a separate, dedicated roll-to-roll capability. With the Océ Arizona 350 XT printer, you can now print onto rigid media up to 98 inches wide x 120 inches long and up to 1.89 inches thick. The optional roll-to-roll module can print onto flexible media up to 87 inches wide. The large format flatbed printers use four-color (CMYK) UV curable inks and Océ VariaDot™ imaging technology with near-photographic image resolution to deliver true production print speeds of 433, 248, 239, and 133 square feet per hour respectively. The Océ Arizona 550 GT and Océ Arizona 350 series printers offer a White Ink Option that can help expand your revenue-producing opportunities.

The Océ Arizona flatbed printers are ideal for creating outdoor point-of-purchase signage, second surface backlit displays, exhibit displays, architectural and directional signage, event signage and more. The integrated vacuum table holds media stationary while printing, eliminating the need for cumbersome jigs and extra setup time. They also provide full-bleed printing capability, which eliminates the extra finishing steps of trimming prints.

The Roll Media Option can be added in the field without compromising the rigid printing workflow. The roll media can be dismounted at any time without disturbing the rigid printing function and vice-versa. There is no down time to reconfigure the system to change from one print mode to the other.

The new Océ Arizona 550 GT printer is the next generation model in the award-winning Océ Arizona printer line. It offers impressive productivity printing full-bleed 4x8' rigid substrates or roll media plus a White Ink Option. White Ink enables under-printing on non-white media or objects, overprinting for backlit applications on transparent media and printing white ink as a spot color.

Since the original Océ Arizona 250 GT printer model was announced in 2006, the Océ Arizona series has become the most popular UV-curable flatbed printer ever, winning countless awards year after year.

The Océ Arizona 550 GT printer takes this success to the next level by offering all the same features, benefits and options as the Océ Arizona 350 GT printer but at a much higher productivity level while minimizing investment. This makes the Océ Arizona 550 GT printer particularly appealing for higher volume shops that need the best image quality and lowest operating cost but at an affordable price.
Features & Highlights
NEW! Océ Arizona 550 GT printer with exceptional productivity
True stationary flatbed allows full-bleed printing on rigid substrates
All Océ Arizona 550 and 350 models offer the White Ink Option
Roll media option for true roll-to-roll capability
Océ VariaDotTM imaging technology for superior 4-color printing
35 – 50% ink savings over 6-color systems
Near-photographic image quality
Instant switching between roll-to-roll and flatbed printing
Integrated vacuum table for precise printing
The vacuum table holds the rigid media stationary while printing, enabling you to print regular and precut substrates or even unusual items like pre-stretched canvas, doors, ceiling tiles, etc. The micron accuracy of the system allows for perfect double-sided registration or for overprinting to increase ink density. This means backlit graphics have the pop and saturation previously only possible with photographic imaging. The flatbed system supports full-bleed printing to a maximum image area of 49.5 inches by 98.5 inches on GT size tables and 120.5 inches by 98.8 inches on the Océ Arizona 350 XT printer.
Turn the tables on competitive systems
With the introduction of the Oce Arizona GT printer, the orientation of the gantry and carriage took advantage of the long axis of the substrate which means less passes over the substrate and more time printing. And when the time comes for a roll-to-roll job, you can easily load roll media onto the optional roll media module while the flatbed job is still printing. Once the flatbed job is completed, the gantry instantly moves over to the roll media module and prints the new job. Meanwhile you can be loading the bed for the next flatbed job without any downtime. The roll media option is field upgradeable at anytime in the future. This protects your original investment yet provides the flexibility to take on different applications.
UV ink system for today's printing needs
The UV ink system provides for instant curing, does not produce odors and produces prints that are ready to handle immediately after they are printed – no drying time, no need for overlaminates to prevent smudging. The CMYK UV inks, specially formulated for the Océ Arizona series, are supplied in large 2 liter ink bags enabling you to print large runs without worry. Ink changes literally take seconds. Another big advantage of UV inks is reduced head maintenance and failures compared to solvent systems. UV inks remain liquid until exposed to intense UV light. This means less clogged nozzles, less downtime and waste and more time printing sellable output. An innovative vacuum wand is provided for cleaning the printheads. This reduces the need for excessive purges or swabbing and reduces the risk of damage to the heads from contaminants.