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TTP cuts time to market for OEMs using the new Xaar printhead

The TTP Meteor Print Controller now controls the revolutionary Xaar 1001 printhead

TTP is pleased to announce the release of the Meteor Head Driver Card for the new Xaar
1001 printhead. Supported by the USB2.0 universal Meteor Print Controller this new driver
card enables OEMs to integrate the new Xaar 1001 printhead with less cost, time and risk.
Printer manufacturers already using the TTP Meteor controller for other printheads can also
now retrofit the revolutionary Xaar 1001, dramatically cutting their time to bring new print
systems to the market.

Graham King, Xaar’s product manager for the Xaar 1001 print head says: “The adoption of
the Xaar 1001 printhead, with its unparalleled reliability, will revolutionise the industrial inkjet
industry. We welcome the launch of the Meteor driver for the Xaar 1001 as it accelerates the
adoption of this innovative printhead technology into industrial and commercial print

Clive Ayling, Meteor Business Manager at TTP, says: “We view the Xaar 1001 printhead as a
valuable step forward in piezo inkjet technology and are proud to be able to support its
adoption through the use of our Meteor print technology. Meteor’s production-ready
hardware and software makes a massive difference to how quickly reliable new systems can
be created and gain success in the market.”

The first Xaar 1001–based printer OEMs to use the Meteor print controller are receiving their
Meteor Xaar 1001 driver components this month.

TTP’s Meteor system was launched in 2007 and is incorporated into the design of many print
systems driving inkjet printheads from Xaar and other printhead suppliers.


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7 May 2008