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VUTEk Product: Application: Printhead: Ink Type: Jets Per System: Printhead Features: customer profile www.dimatix.com Scott Schinlever, Vice President of Marketing Headquarters, Meredith, NH PressVu® UV 200/600 switches easily from rigid to rolled substrates PressVu® UV 200/600 Digital Inkjet Flatbed/Roll-To-Roll Printer PressVu® UV Family of Digital Inkjet Printers Superwide UV Flatbed Digital Inkjet Printing Spectra® Galaxy 256/30 UV-curing 3072-4096 High Resolution and High Productivity VUTEk® Inc., recognized as the world’s leading supplier of superwide format digital inkjet printers throughout its 15-year history, offers a variety of printer models that feature different size, color, speed and resolution capabilities. The UltraVu® solvent product range, for high quality, high speed, superwide roll-to-roll printing, is available in 1.5-, 2-, 3-, and 5-meter formats, while the PressVu® UV family of digital inkjet flatbed printers uses UV-curable inks to print high quality images on both rolled and rigid substrates. The PressVu® UV 200/600, the latest addition to our award-winning PressVu® UV digital inkjet flatbed printers, offers stunning four- and six-color, 600 dpi capabilities that deliver photographic color reproduction and crisp text reproduction on rolled or rigid substrates. Virtually limitless versatility and industrial-strength construction features allow operators to print on a variety of sheet-fed or roll-to-roll materials around the clock. Because it is like having two-printers-in-one, owners should be able to expand their customer service capabilities and satisfy a wider variety of long-term outdoor and indoor application needs. Available since 2002, our PressVu® UV 180/600 EC now offers production speeds of 1,000 square feet/hour, and is the only superwide digital inkjet printer available today that offers eight-color capability with 600 dpi resolution on rigid or rolled substrates. “High quality, productivity and reliability are inherent in the design of all our digital printing systems. It’s important for VUTEk to partner with suppliers that can deliver printer components with those same features. Dimatix meets and exceeds our requirements for reliable and high performance piezoelectric inkjet printheads.” Scott Schinlever Vice President of Marketing – VUTEk