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Xennia to launch next generation ceramic inkjet printing system

Xennia announces that it will launch a digital ceramic tile printing system based on its proprietary next generation recirculating inkjet technology, together with its partner Tecno Italia, at Tecnargilla today (Monday).

Xennia and Tecno Italia will launch their digital inkjet ceramic tile decoration system at the trade show Tecnargilla in Italy today (Monday 27th September 2010).

Built around Xennia’s advanced next generation recirculating inkjet technology, the XenJet Auriga print engine and XenJet Aquarius fluid controller provide excellent production performance, combined with XenJet Cygnus printing software incorporating advanced functionality for ceramic tile decoration.

Dr Alan Hudd, Managing Director of Xennia, says “Xennia’s proprietary recirculating inkjet printhead technology outperforms all other technologies for ceramic tile printing, with proven reliability and the largest installed base of any comparable technology.”

The Tecno Italia / Xennia machine demonstrates superior speed and colour intensity to other systems: in high speed mode it can operate twice as fast as existing printers, while the high colour mode offers almost twice the colour intensity of other systems.

Hudd continues “It is the ceramic printing solution of the future, based on the synergy of both companies’ understanding of the technology and application.”

Sourcing strategy
Xennia’s sales of inkjet solutions to end users and through its OEM partners are growing rapidly, leading to increased demand for components for Xennia’s inkjet modules, including printheads.

Hudd states “Xennia’s strategy is to choose the best printhead for each application, independent of manufacturer. Previously we were reliant on a single printhead supplier - we have now developed a more independent approach and are able to support printheads from a wide range of manufacturers. This allows us to supply high-end industrial inkjet solutions into existing high growth markets and introduce solutions into new markets.

"We have designed our next generation ceramic solution together with Tecno Italia around printheads from a supplier able to support both the volume and technology requirements of this application and others. This enables us to increase performance and deliver in quantities to satisfy a fast growing market.”